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    > "We fixed the end of April 2020 as the time-limit for phase 1A,
    > so we have 3 months left to raise the remaining €12500."
    > https://www.powerpc-notebook.org/2020/01/pcb-design-started-carpe-diem/

    "we decided to postpone the deadline of the Donation Campaign to the 30th of June 2020"

    Block diagram revised:

    - changed: Diodes PI7C9X2G612GP PCIe bridge/switch
    - new: Microchip USB2514 USB2 hub
    - new (on I/O board): Realtek RTL8111 GbE controller at PCIe bridge/switch
    - new (on I/O board): Realtek RTS5170 card reader at USB2 hub

    What I find questionable is that the new USB2 hub and the new I/O board allegedly "allow to decrease the number of components in the motherboard, will reduce the production costs, as well as will reduce the debug time", when their addition does in fact not entail the omission of any component already deployed previously.
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