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    > Roberto is assembling a team for the campaign for board layouts.
    > [...] a board layout for a laptop seems likely.

    >>Won't this phase #2 be carried out by ACube as well (after collection of further 11950 EUR)?

    As far as I know that is the plan.

    > After that, whatever happens, I'd have to consider this project a success.

    >>There're still phases #3 to #5 requiring further 35700 EUR :-)

    Yes, but after Phase #2, anyone can order a prototype run of these.

    After getting repeated negatives on this entire concept...to me that is success in itself.

    Phase #3 to #5 are necessary to debug everything.

    People frequently discount the amount of work needed to get to a production run.
    I don't, even though I don't know how much Trevor spends on this stage, I've got a rough idea.
    Thomas is actually getting this done fairly cheaply.
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