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    > a PCI-E bridge chip has been incorporated to handle the additional components.

    According to the block diagram, the PCIe-PCIe bridge handles only WiFi, 3G/LTE and a MiniPCIe x1 slot. Everything else is handled either by direct PCIe connection (MXM, USB3, SATA3/M.2/eSATA) or by other SoC controllers (Ethernet, audio, input devices, SD slot, SATA2, webcam etc.).
    Btw, I wonder what became of the originally announced Bluetooth.

    > if this makes production it is likely to be the most advanced new PPC system
    > introduced thus far.

    ...if we ignore the Talos II ;-)

    > the cpu supports two times the threads of a dual 970MP or four times the threads
    > of a dual 970 (8 total).

    ...and it can actually be used to build a mobile device :-)

    > So, T2080, MXM, SATA3, eSATA, and USB3.

    ...and much more (see above) :-)
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