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    > I wish Roberto would sign the bloody contract and give Acube the first 4000 euros.

    "ACube has received a payment to start the study of the components list. [...] Electrical Schematic engineering task started! Starting on Monday 7th, ACube is analyzing that information and will produce feedback and suggestions. [...] Power Progress Community association is announcing the official collaboration of Acube Systems SRL through a contract signature to create the electrical schematics of the GNU Linux PowerPC Notebook. The project involving both organizations will create a PowerPC laptop featuring an MXM video card whereas the current phase is expected to produce the complete electrical schematics for this computer."

    Furthermore from the same source:

    "Power Progress Community has provided a possible component list based on non NDA chips to manage usb3, sata3, audio and others."

    USB3 and SATA3 means they can't use the USB2 and SATA2 controllers of the T2080 for this. Especially with SATA this means they could use the slightly cheaper (pin-incompatible, so no common board design possible) T2081 instead which lacks SATA. On the other hand, the T2081 has only half the number of SerDes lanes and 1×PCIe3 + 3×PCIe2 instead of 2×PCIe3 + 2×PCIe2, which may be a little short when attempting to provide as much as MXM3, SATA3/NVMe/M.2, USB3, WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G/LTE. I'm curious whether they will use the T2080 or the T2081.
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