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    Just a quick update.
    The first 4000 euros (of the 12,600 needed for the initial design schematics) has been donated so work should commence soon.

    I anticipate that eventually at least the goals of Phase 1 will be reached, and an open design schematic should be made available to the public.

    As this will detail the use of the T2080, I'm happy if we make it that far.

    After that, a board layout will have to be created, then then prototypes will have to be built, and finally they will have to be rigorously tested.

    To some, the these goals don't seem to go far enough, and others think they go too far (as they believe this process ought to be left to the manufacturers).

    Regardless of what position you hold, its now in the hands of design professionals, so I (for one) am happy. ;-)

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