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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:

    I think only a very small fraction of the MorphOS Team members can do such low-level work.

    But they are a clever bunch! :-)

    "I know people claimed the MorphOS Team wasted time on the SAM460. Sales wise you are right. And it was predicted by the Team. But it had some sideeffects everyone using MorphOS right now benefits from. Huge parts of the boot process and the kernel needed to be rewritten/cleaned. Tons of bugs sitting there were found and fixed. Stuff optimised. Less memory used. So the other systems are now even more stable, have a little more free memory for applications and boot faster. Starting with the Efika and Ending with G5 Systems. It also (main reason for supporting the 460) allowed to support X5000 boards (getting it to boot) in hours instead weeks."

    MorphOS is Amiga done right! :-)
    MorphOS NG will be AROS done right! :-)
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