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    > Seems to me that they had a good chance to get a port of AmigaOS4.1
    > to the G4 MacMini, and decided against it.

    Moana was based on AmigaOS 4.0.

    > I've never heard any positive comments from any AmigaOS4.1 community member, or
    > developer/Hyperion team members, regarding using used Mac hardware of any kind.

    Bill "billt" Toner (who is also part of this initiative) has always been a vocal proponent of an OS4 port to Mac hardware, especially iBook G4.


    > it makes me wonder if they have any full time developers working on anything,
    > or if it is just a very few part time volunteers, who work on AmigaOS4.1FE
    > ports and updates?

    Some years ago, the Friedens were said to be the only full time developers by Hyperion. 2 years ago, it was revealed even this was no longer the case.


    > Fewer volunteer programmers than the MorphOS Dev. Team has working on updating
    > and porting MorphOS to x64 hardware.

    I think only a very small fraction of the MorphOS Team members can do such low-level work.
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