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    Jim wrote:
    Rumors are floating around that Hyperion has accelerated a program to develop OS4 ports for Mac hardware.
    But as no one has announced anything, and no one wants to say that they've seen the work in beta (at least publicly), we'll just have to wait and see whether there is any truth to it.
    A PowerBook port would answer the calls for laptop support, while a PCIe G5 port would put them one up on us.

    Are these "rumors" anything like their last announcement that they would be supporting a laptop? I don't believe anything regarding AmigaOS4.x development, or anything "rumored" from Hyperion, until it is actually finished and released. They are a joke of a company, and an embarrassment at developing anything in a reasonable time frame. When was the X1000 first announced with the free upgrade to AmigaOS4.2? How many years has it been that they have supposedly been working on that upgrade? Hyperion has no credibility at completing anything, but they are pretty good at rumors and broken promises.
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