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    amigadave wrote:

    it appears that Hyperion has no interest, or intentions to port AmigaOS4.1FE to the G4 Mac PowerBooks, or iBooks, like MorphOS has done.

    Ahem.. We shall see. ;)

    Let me know when Hyperion's intentions toward porting to any used Mac hardware have changed. Seems to me that they had a good chance to get a port of AmigaOS4.1 to the G4 MacMini, and decided against it. Plus, I've never heard any positive comments from any AmigaOS4.1 community member, or developer/Hyperion team members, regarding using used Mac hardware of any kind. I think that stance was stupid, and if it has changed, it will be a great thing for expanding the AmigaOS4.1FE user base. Why they have limited themselves to severely under powered and over priced hardware for so long is a complete mystery to me. I think that Trevor did a great job completing the X1000 project, even though it was rendered impossible to continue producing it by Apple's purchase of PA Semi, and the shut down of production of X1000's CPU.

    Unless I missed the announcement, I don't think that AmigaOS4.1FE is finished for the X5000 yet, and the port to the Tabor A1222 is taking forever as well, so how does Hyperion have any chance of working on yet another port of AmigaOS4.1FE to any of the G4 PowerBooks or iBooks? By the snails pace that Hyperion appears to work, it makes me wonder if they have any full time developers working on anything, or if it is just a very few part time volunteers, who work on AmigaOS4.1FE ports and updates? Edit: Fewer volunteer programmers than the MorphOS Dev. Team has working on updating and porting MorphOS to x64 hardware. It has always seemed to me that the MorphOS Dev. Team completes much more coding work than Hyperion does on AmigaOS4.1FE, but I may just be biased.

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