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    Intuition wrote:

    amigadave wrote:

    it appears that Hyperion has no interest, or intentions to port AmigaOS4.1FE to the G4 Mac PowerBooks, or iBooks, like MorphOS has done.

    Ahem.. We shall see. ;)

    I think De Groot may have some surprises up his sleeve, eh Nik?
    And that individual has already stated he's open to discussing a port to the proposed laptop.

    Meanwhile, I've got takemehomegrandma (an community member, but not directly involved) making this comparison to Aeon "they took care of the development themselves like serious companies do".

    Uh yeah, they paid someone else to design it. Sorry that we're not a company, and that none of us are wealthy.
    Further, its not a practical project, its for hobbyists, so instead of being 'serious' we are spending our own money and what ever we can raise on something to benefits us and our fellow hobbyists.

    If I was 'serious', I'd get a second job to occupy my spare time and stop devoting it to somewhat thankless pursuits.

    In the meanwhile, about 1/5th of the money needed for phase 1 has been raised.
    And Roberto and few of the others have wondered if they should post here.
    I'm not sure they need the drama, although I have assured them we're actually more rational than most Amiga related communities, however we ARE just as rude as most.

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