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    Jim wrote:

    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > AeonKit [...] took care of the development themselves like serious companies do!

    To be fair, the Power Progress Community isn't even a company.

    Thank you Andreas! Its just an umbrella organization for the non-profit work, we're just a collection of hobbyists. And the development is contracted to a company with experience in producing for our community, Acube.

    I thought we'd taken everything quite seriously.

    I don't see anything wrong with you informing members here that might be interested in a new PPC laptop design, and letting them decide for themselves if they wish to donate, or contribute in some other way to the project. I also don't think you were "name dropping" in an attempt to sway anyone's decision to participate or not to participate.

    The indecision and continued discussion is because the people trying to do this project are inexperienced, and they are asking for input from anyone who wishes to contribute. It is not an easy task, so they are taking time to discuss every step thoroughly with anyone they think can help advise them, before making final decisions. Even when some decisions seem to be made, if new information is learned, this small group may make last minute changes, if the changes will benefit the project and add to its chances for success.

    As I have stated before, I don't see this project going anywhere, without using a "crowd funding" mechanism of some kind to get the production money raised. I just don't believe that any company will pony up the money to produce PPC laptops in the hopes that they will be able to find enough buyers to recoup their money and make a profit.

    This project is definitely not for everyone, so stay away from it unless you are willing to risk losing the money you donate to the design process. There is no guarantee that it will ever make it to the production stage, and any money you donate toward the design stages, will not count at all toward the final purchase price of the production stage.

    After looking closer at what is being done, and who is doing it, I have decided to get involved in a small way, and also to donate toward the design stages.

    Edit: If the design process is a success, I don't see why ACube and A-Eon would not be interested in helping to get this laptop produced and both AmigaOS4.1FE, and MorphOS3.10, or 3.11 ported to it. AmigaOS4.1FE desperately needs a PPC laptop, since it appears that Hyperion has no interest, or intentions to port AmigaOS4.1FE to the G4 Mac PowerBooks, or iBooks, like MorphOS has done. Both ACube and A-Eon might wait to see how the crowd funding of this project goes, before they decide to join in and help make up for any lack of funding to get the first production run realized, or they might show no interest in this laptop, and not help at all (which would really confuse and baffle me completely).

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