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    Jim wrote:

    IF they get built, Mark has said he'd like one. ;-)
    So would I.

    Eh... mmkay...? But in no way does that bring clarity to the confusion... were you trying to apply legitimacy to the fundraiser by mentioning a vague connection to a famous name who could potentially think about buying it at some point? Wow...


    I remember when we were first discussing the prospects of Aeon's success, there were similar predictions.
    Luckily Trevor had the funds to push forward.

    But Trevor isn't pushing funds on this one, right? And AeonKit never asked the public for handouts to develop their machines, they took care of the development themselves like serious companies do! Is trevor even involved in this at all, or are you using his name in the discussion for the same reason as above? To apply a sense of legitimacy?

    Anyway, the only time I can think of where a public fundraiser was used in a similar way, was when Genesi/bPlan didn't believe in that "Pegasos III" design themselves, but agreed to do the R&D and build a number of boards for a developers program against a cost funded by the community. For projects they believed in, they took care of everything completely in-house and only approached the public with finished products. Same with AeonKit, Acube, Individual computers, etc


    which makes their waffling doubly confusing.

    I thought we had worked this out.

    I thought we had pretty much beaten every topic into submission.

    what do YOU think is the likely resolution of this confusion?

    Very good point. I ought to relay that to the others.


    Very much thought through indeed...

    BTW, what are the exact terms/license/conditions for the "Open Source" part?

    MorphOS is Amiga done right! :-)
    MorphOS NG will be AROS done right! :-)
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