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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > Roberto Innocenti contacted me to clarify that while the gpu will not be soldered
    > onto the prototype mainboards, that they don't want to explicitly promise MXM yet
    > (until the design analysis is complete).

    I'm not quite sure what to make of this. Does that mean the prototype boards may get a non-MXM graphics card slot? If yes, which type of slot may that be? And/or does that mean the non-prototype boards may get this non-MXM slot?

    Hmm, ah, yes? I don't know Andreas. I think it means they want to get through the first step before commitment to a specific solution, but they know they are not incorporating the gpu board into the design.
    Frankly, I'd just go with MXM, but maybe they want Acube's input, or possibly they are thinking of an eventual production design that does incorporate the gpu.
    Honestly, I though we had this worked out.
    But in any case, Roberto only suggested the delay in the decision would only last until the completion of Phase 1.

    They haven't changed their minds about Radeon HD graphics, and personally I'd like to see them stay with a separate graphics board (preferably MXM).
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