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    >>> To go through all this work and request funding from the community just to end up with
    >>> 5 or 10 prototype laptops, is a waste of time, money and effort, as well as good will from
    >>> the community, who obviously wish to have one of these PPC laptops for themselves.

    >> Fully agreed.

    > Did I say I didn't want to see them produced?

    No, but you said in comment #67 that it wouldn't bother you if only "the initial STATED goals" (i.e. everything pre-production) were completed. Besides, you are mistaking me declaring consent with amigadave's statement as something having to do with you.

    > I want one.

    Yes, you stated you would have ten boards produced just to have them.

    > they have to be designed first, so that is the initial goal.

    Yes, of course, nobody denies that.
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