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    > I incorrectly thought that [...] the community interested in having such a laptop would
    > fund the production through [...] crowd funding mechanism. [...] IMO, crowd funding
    > of some kind, is the most likely way to get a PPC laptop produced.

    Nobody has said that crowdfunded production can't or won't happen. Quite to the contrary, crowdfunding will be the only possibility if no particular party (commercial entity or whatever) shows a willingness to manufacture the hardware or pre-finance and commission its production. To date, the Power Progress Community has not made any public statement I'm aware of as to what they think is supposed to happen after successful completion of phase #5.

    > I hope the group working on this design [...] have talked to the company producing
    > the laptop cases, LCD displays, keyboards, track pads, etc., etc., to determine that
    > they can purchase those components, without the x64 motherboard [...].

    Considering that said company just produces the laptop shell and accessories, the purchasability without any motherboard should be a given.

    > To go through all this work and request funding from the community just to end up with
    > 5 or 10 prototype laptops, is a waste of time, money and effort, as well as good will from
    > the community, who obviously wish to have one of these PPC laptops for themselves.

    Fully agreed.
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