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    David's idea, seems plausible.

    But you are all still talking about goals past those already set.

    And yes Andreas, the is a lot of money for five pre-production prototypes, but YES, if it got that far I'd be really satisfied.

    But then, that's just my opinion too. ;-)
    And you did offer some useful references (as always).

    I mentioned this entire brouhaha two days ago to Bigfoot.
    He seems to think Andrea's caution is valid (but said he hadn't read the posts), but we did exchange some thoughts about talking vs doing.

    I'm hope he won't mind this quote (the first part is my input).

    >> But you either DO, or you just TALK.
    >> And while I'm far too verbose, I like the doing part too.

    >Nothing wrong with a bit of talking, as long as you also get to the doing part :)

    "...as long as you also get to the doing part", hmm.

    So yeah, five goals (incorrectly labeled four), just to get short of ready to produce.
    I'm cool with that.

    Then, whatever direction it goes, we'll have to see.
    But I rather like David's idea, instead of presuming on any one company to fund it.

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