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    ASiegel wrote:

    ...One would expect the rights issue to be settled and clearly communicated before one were to ask for financial contributions.

    ...The whole purpose of this project is to lower the bar so much that at least one company can be convinced to manufacture a PowerPC laptop device, which has not happened in many years for a reason.

    "One would..", I love it when some uses third person in reference to themselves, its so glaringly pompous. ;-)

    As to the rights issues, I'm sure Roberto has those worked out, and Andreas (who, as always, provided useful input) has pointed out, funding as an open project appears to require full disclosure.

    On the purpose of the project, I don't believe it has anything to do with convincing anyone to commit to production.
    The goal is as stated, to complete the design, produce five prototypes, and test those thoroughly.

    If the design was complete, and the testing had already been done to uncover any necessary redesign work, I could obtain the boards.
    Populating them is trickier, as I only have one connection with a company that has that kind of equipment (they build medical monitors), but that could get done in small volume.
    Or, alternatively, Acube could source small board run for us.

    The other components are off the shelf items.

    If I wanted to do it the expensive way, there are already X64 laptops that use this same case that I could gut for installation of a board.

    I don't think large scale production is practical. Bill Buck apparently does not think PPC boards make good economic sense either. So why would you insinuate that this involves encouraging companies to commit to production (outside of what we have committed to paying for)?

    Or are you just making that assumption?
    Because it really wouldn't bother me if someone used the design and sold them, NOR would it bother me if we only got the initial STATED goals completed.
    And if I had board layouts, I'd have ten boards produced right now (with my existing contacts), just to have them.

    So...Andreas offers facts, David offers encouragement, you offer opinion.

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