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    amigadave wrote:
    I'm not an expert regarding any Open Source licenses, but I'm pretty sure that there are any number of ways to write a license, to make it fit what you are trying to accomplish.

    One would expect the rights issue to be settled and clearly communicated before one were to ask for financial contributions.


    And I agree that the designs should not be just given to anyone without any restrictions, so that the manufacturer can make all the profits, without having to pay for any of the design costs.

    You vastly underestimate how much funding is needed to finance even small production runs for this type of hardware (as well as set aside funds to cover warranty cases and pay for waste management / recycling, which is mandatory in the EU). The whole purpose of this project is to lower the bar so much that at least one company can be convinced to manufacture a PowerPC laptop device, which has not happened in many years for a reason.
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