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    >Isn't releasing the details of the hardware design mandatory to qualify as open source hardware, be it after completion of phase #2, phase #3 or phase #5?

    Good question. I'm not even sure how to approach the idea. And no doubt will default to however Roberto wants to handle it.
    But paying for all this work, just to have someone make a profit from it would seem...wrong.
    As would asking people to contribute, and reach the same end.
    Not that I'm against the suppliers making a normal margin.

    But I'd like to see the units sold as close to cost as possible.
    Of course, these are all my opinions.

    And worrying about it is premature.

    I'd just like to focus on the first step.
    And if we publish that before we go further, if someone else wants to pick it up, I'd have to say that isn't a bad thing.

    My point, again, is just to get going.
    Talking has gotten us this far, now we need to start acting.

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