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    >>>> So it will definitely be a (replaceable) plugin card (e.g. MXM) [...]?

    >>> I'm one of the people pushing for AMD gpus, while some others would prefer Nvidia.

    >> The current specs say "VIDEO: Radeon HD" anyway, implying that to be the default.

    > "Yes we still planning on using a MXM based video board". [...] The posts that
    > have mentioned Radeon HD graphics are no doubt related to the boards that will
    > be incorporated into the prototypes.

    I see no reason why the "Radeon HD" spec wouldn't also refer to the default MXM card of the non-prototype boards. Or do you mean the prototype boards will have onboard GPU instead of MXM slot?

    > I've also seen comments from other mentioning the idea of releasing the details of
    > the hardware design after completion of the prototypes. I don't know that the issue
    > has been decided yet [...]. I, myself, could see the release of the schematic info.

    Isn't releasing the details of the hardware design mandatory to qualify as open source hardware, be it after completion of phase #2, phase #3 or phase #5?
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