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    I double checked with Roberto Innocenti and got this reply on video "Yes we still planning on using a MXM based video board".
    So that is pretty straight forward.
    The posts that have mentioned Radeon HD graphics are no doubt related to the boards that will be incorporated into the prototypes.

    I've also seen comments from other mentioning the idea of releasing the details of the hardware design after completion of the prototypes.
    I don't know that the issue has been decided yet, so I have posted a few questions to others.

    I, myself, could see the release of the schematic info.
    After all, anyone that can obtain NXP information can obtain reference design info, and while this isn't based on a reference design, documenting the board would be a normal thing to do.

    And to address your earlier comment about production Andreas, yes the cost of production would be much higher than this initial work.
    Even in batches of only 10-25, that's a pretty big expense, and in previous projects I have always made estimates based on lots of at least 50.

    But that isn't a current issue, for me, the focus is the initial schematics.
    After all, we have a legitimate offer for the design work, so I'd like to see a start.

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