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    Jim wrote:
    The board, once designed, can be manufactured by any firm with the capacity to handle something this complex.
    And assembly of the systems does not have to be done by the firm that manufactures the boards.

    Further, if you really want to break it down, the company that makes the boards does not have to be the same company that populates them (with the obvious point that this is NOT a design that a hobbyist could populate at home).

    This confirms what I had assumed about the project, and that it would be an "Open Source" hardware design.


    The group is working as a non-profit organization, but I myself, am not in favor of just dumping the design into public domain (at least not at first).
    BUT, I can't speak for everyone, so...

    Why are you against the Open Source hardware design philosophy that this project has promoted from the beginning? What are the downsides to releasing the design as open source, in your opinion?


    Hey, to summarize, the goals are set for now.
    And we will just have to pursue this one step at a time.

    In every further step of this, I assume we will work out and discuss the details before acting.
    Its proven to be a successful strategy so far.

    Believe it or not, many of you that wouldn't necessarily think of yourselves as having been involved in this, have provided useful ideas and input.

    It's good that the group are reading forum posts like the ones found on this forum site, to get potential user feedback and ideas from outside the group responsible for the decisions for this laptop project.

    Keep us updated, as much as you can, before any NDA's get put into place (hopefully they won't go that direction).
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