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    > The T2080 [...] should outperform a P5040.

    ...for use cases where 5 or more concurrent hardware threads can be completely utilized.

    > micro itx


    > every step of this is being thought out very carefully, with constant discussion.

    Shouldn't the thinking-out of the steps (aka phases) already be completed, considering ACube already put a price tag on them?

    > The video cards that will mount into in it are industry standard components.

    So it will definitely be a (replaceable) plugin card (e.g. MXM), not a GPU soldered to the mainboard? The currently published specs of the board do not mention this.

    > We have a VERY good deal with people who CAN help us get this built.

    The 5 prototypes or production level hardware?

    > If I had the entire amount, I'd fund it myself as a commercial project

    Even then you'd need a much higher amount for pre-financing actual production.
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