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    > I'd caution you not to expect either of those figures to be "hard" numbers. [...]
    > I don't know that [...] 60250 (which is oddly specific) will be the end figure

    I'm just going by the hard numbers that have been officially announced:

    "we have identified four [sic!] phases:
    1. Hardware components research, analysis of the architecture, and design of the electrical schematics [12600 euro, 30 net days];
    2. Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Gerber format delivery of the electrical schematics [11950 euro, 30 net days];
    3. Production and delivery of five working prototypes [ 8800 euro, 40 net days];
    4. Hardware testing using software provided by the producer (ACube) [14400 euro, 30 net days];
    5. Pre-certification CE certification [12.500 euro].

    (12600 + 11950 + 8800 + 14400 + 12500) EUR = 60250 EUR, specifically, even if it seems odd.

    > If we get this done, I will have a PPC laptop [...]

    As I understand, if all 5 phases are accomplished, there's still no production hardware, beside the 5 prototypes of phase #3. There'll still have to be a company manufacturing and selling the product. I couldn't find claimed anywhere that ACube will be this company.

    > this portable device should be more powerful than an X5000/40 (once SMP is factored in).

    ...for use cases where 5 or more concurrent hardware threads can be completely utilized.
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