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    Jim wrote:
    If we get this done, I will have a PPC laptop that is only slightly slower than my current i7 powered laptop that can support TWICE as many threads. . . . . .

    Even if this never runs anything other than Linux, I think we will have accomplished something.

    And, in terms of computing power, this portable device should be more powerful than an X5000/40 (once SMP is factored in).

    I like the fact you are involved with this project Jim. That means that I only need to stay partially awake and vigilant regarding looking for news about progress of this project, as I am sure you will keep us updated on how it is going (along with a certain other members here who is adept at relaying all kinds of information).

    I'm a bit surprised to read that this project will be "only slightly slower" than your current i7 powered laptop, and less surprised that it "should be more powerful than an X5000/40". I am not as up to speed on how powerful the T28xx series of CPU's are, as I had thought that they were a fairly low end, to middle of the road PPC CPU.

    Maybe next month I can donate some money toward this PPC laptop project. I wonder if ACube's involvement in the hardware design has any effect in increasing the possibility that any of the Amiga NG OSes could be ported to this design some time in the future.

    Too bad A-Eon is not also involved in helping this project come to life, as it seems like a natural choice for a future AmigaOS4.x and MorphOS laptop port, and Trevor support both of those OSes.
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