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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    >>> "we recalculated the amount to raise, placing it at 55000 €."
    >>> http://www.powerpc-notebook.org/2016/04/which-software-do-you-want-for-the-gnulinux-powerpc-notebook/

    >> Fundraising has now started, and the required amount has been placed at 60250 EUR.

    > the figure Andreas mentioned is an estimate for the entire development project.

    Yes, of course. Just like the figure quoted before.

    I'd caution you not to expect either of those figures to be "hard" numbers.
    While the figure I mentioned for the schematics IS the initial amount that was requested by Acube.

    I don't know that 55000 OR 60250 (which is oddly specific) will be the end figure, I just know what has been quoted to get the initial work done.
    AND there is a lot of work after that.

    Plus, as I'm sure someone will point out, you aren't being promised anything for your money.
    And yet...I'm still in.

    If we get this done, I will have a PPC laptop that is only slightly slower than my current i7 powered laptop that can support TWICE as many threads.

    So...while I look forward to MorphOS moving to X64, AND I have no assurance that an NG OS will ever be ported to this device (IF it even gets built)...I still want one. As a high water mark for PPC development.

    I own a Quad core G5, I'll buy an X5000/40 when introduced, and I want one of these.
    No one said we had to be practical (or we'd all be sticking with OSX and windows).

    Even if this never runs anything other than Linux, I think we will have accomplished something.

    And, in terms of computing power, this portable device should be more powerful than an X5000/40 (once SMP is factored in).

    As we've also generated some interest in continuing to maintain big endian PPC Linux distros...ah, heck, this will just be...fun!
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