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    ASiegel wrote:
    It is worth pointing out that all financial contributions are non-refundable.

    As per their stated rules, if the campaign fails to raise the desired amount, the organisers are free to keep all collected funds and use them as they see fit.

    First, I like this page better:


    Now to address the last post.

    Andre has a somewhat dour outlook on the financial issues related to open ended donations, as was pointed out in when we were discussing donations for Kalamatee.

    Apparently the portion that reads "keep all collected funds and use them as they see fit" (Andre's emphasis) worries him.

    Hmm, maybe it doesn't worry me because I'm involved in the project, have donated to the project, etc.
    Also, IF, it reaches fruition, I'm already committed to buying at least a couple for our developers.

    At least part of the reason that the funds won't be returned is that at certain levels, they will be spent.
    The amount needed for the initial schematics is quite low, and once that is raised it WILL be turned over to Acube.

    Obviously, funds paid to Acube can not be returned.

    I'm not at all happy with the tone of Andre's post.
    A lot of time has been spent selecting specific components (with feedback from Acube) including the chassis.
    And a contract has been obtained for the design work.

    Its a serious project, involving real work that will have to be paid for, so if the idea that the funds will be spent bothers some of you, then you have my apologies, but some things that will have to be paid for are irretrievable.

    Edit - I'd also like to note that the figure Andreas mentioned is an estimate for the entire development project. The current campaign is to cover the cost of the initial schematics.

    Of the needed €12,600.00, €1,077.00 has already been donated.

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