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    The only problem I have with that is the added cost and complexity.
    The original proposal was to compete with an e500v2 based board with a T10XX based board.
    Then the T2081 got dragged into it because it has some pin compatibility.
    And after that, the T2080 was mentioned because it is superior to the T2081.

    With a laptop, we have to design a shell, the board has to have a GPU, other parts like batteries and memory have to be sourced.

    At each step of this discussion, costs go up, until at this level they require a huge investment.
    With a simple upgrade to my current version of Orcad, I could have started something like what we were originally talking about.
    Bill might be able to go further (the T2080 board possibly? who knows?).

    But where the heck do we get the resources for a laptop?

    At the beginning, I just wanted to discuss building about 50 T1042 based mini itx motherboards.
    The T2080/T2081 proposals appeal to me, but they add significant cost.

    This...sounds a little too 'Natami' to me.
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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