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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:

    > Not there yet: [...]
    > http://www.powerpc-notebook.org/2015/05/powerpc-notebook-new-specifications-and-development-status/

    Still a long way to go:

    "After some unsuccessful contacts between the notebook manufacturer and a potential financing partner, it seems that the best option to fund the project is to start a crowdfunding campaign. [...] the estimated date to produce the notebook will be the end of 2016. Before that, at least 5 prototypes will be delivered to the community for software adaptation and beta testing. [...] the CPU will be based on the e6500 core that provides ALTIVEC technology and PowerIsa 2.07. The GPU will be most probably AMD/ATI based, making use of a mxm connector. Currently some of our developers are working with a Freescale T2080RDB development board donated by Freescale. The board is very useful in order to test u-boot, PCIe video card output and try to boot Debian."

    Jim and others that are discussing a community designed and funded alternative to the Tabor system from A-Eon/ACube, should instead work with the people trying to make this PPC laptop, or if that is not possible, do their own T2080 based laptop for MorphOS, and possibly AmigaOS4.x if Hyperion would support it (and I am sure they would want to have a PPC laptop to run AmigaOS4.1FE on).

    I know it would be a lot more work, and more expensive to produce, but perhaps they can design a T2080 motherboard which initially is used for a small form factor desktop system, then adapt it for laptop use afterwards with additional work, which would double or triple the number of motherboard sales.
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