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    WB_Coder wrote:

    vox wrote:
    AEON is not involved, depending on graphic choice, laptop might even compete to X5000.

    Surely, OS4 crowd needs a laptop badly, but MorphOS crowd could benefit the newer laptop too.

    How would you know if A-Eon is involved or backing that laptop project?

    After all your threats against Hyperion and A-Eon and AmigaKit when you purchased your X1000, I am sure that none of them are speaking to you regarding what they are, or aren't doing or supporting.

    In general, they are not really giving any plans to anyone.
    Laptop project has no ties to AEON / AmigaKit / Hyperion, its created as Linux project. No OS4 support is mentioned anyplace, and even at laptop forum its highly unlikely until AEON/Hyperion decide to do so (and since it can be competative product to SAM460 / X5000 ...)

    And yes, I am still unsatisfied with way AmigaKit handle customer demands as well as the way X1000 is not supported by OS4.
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