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    Yasu wrote:
    I think whats speaks against A-Eon being involved is that they claimed their new partner have lowered the price. Considering A-Eon and the PPC laptop uses different CPU:s I doubt that they have chipped in together for a batch to lower the price.

    It sounds rather like Freescale giving them a discount. I bet they do this as a good will thing in order to get some buzz.

    If it was Freescale, there would be no reason not to announce it, specially if you say they do it for good will reasons.

    A-Eon would have good reasons to keep their involvement secret until the X5000 is finished and ready for public sales. Then they could announce that their next project is to port AmigaOS4.x to this new PPC Open Source laptop project.

    I am confused why A-Eon didn't just choose to use a standard PPC development board for about half the cost of creating a new PPC motherboard. I think there were 1 or 2 available, that should have suited their needs (but of course they would not have the Xena chip, or Xorro interface).
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