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    WB_Coder wrote:
    If A-Eon is not involved and supporting this PPC laptop, then I have no clue on what they are thinking. Unless they cannot extend themselves any further, until the X5000 is finished and up for sale. A e6500 core PPC laptop makes so much more sense for them to develop and sell than another $3,000 PPC desktop, and I am sure that AmigaOS4.x users are desperate to have any kind of laptop to run their OS of choice on. Look at how many of them were excited about the mythical PPC laptop that Hyperion was supposedly going to produce and sell that only had performance similar to a SAM440, or Efika 5200b.

    But then it has already been proven that many AmigaOS4.x users will buy just about anything to run AmigaOS4.x on, no matter the performance or the price.

    AEON is not involved, depending on graphic choice, laptop might even compete to X5000.

    Surely, OS4 crowd needs a laptop badly, but MorphOS crowd could benefit the newer laptop too.
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