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    About T2080...

    When they later have time to tinker with configurations, it will be interesting to see how they can clock it for mobile use.
    When the HW of 7 vcores are put to sleep, the last one most likely is able to be run at 1.8Ghz even in mobile device for single core using OSs.

    (8 cores is a bit overkill, but when the main target users are Linux fans, it's understandable)

    >using the G5 PowerMac's and this new PPC laptop

    MorphOS team already use also the dualcore x5000.
    But sure, to verify that the SMP design scales well, T2080 is good playground.
    I believe when they have SMP MorphOS in testing, they do not have problem in getting their hands also on T4240 development board with 24vcores (costs below EUR2000).

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