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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > we amigans can ask him to keep room on the motherboard for open-smart firmware chip...

    What for?

    In the beginning I believed they want to use EFI firmware that actually is not compatible with any Amiga-Like Operating System.

    As long I read specs, this laptop will run with U-Boot that is good for AmigaOS only.

    MorphOS instead uses Open-smart firmware to run and if I remeber well chip used for Open-Firmware is twice big as U-Boot. Am I wrong?


    > as being open source hardware

    "The design at this stage is not open but we accept suggestions…"

    In some docs they say they "intended" to open it... In the faq you pointed they say they are "considering" to but project is not open.

    I hope it will not end in opening the project in the same way that Genesi promised with Pegasos II motherboard, when they disclosed pratically nothing...

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