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    I installed the game using the included installer of the CD and afterwards followed the guidelines of Papi up above.
    Thing is that only 640x480x8bit screen looks normal but it locks up my system totally.
    If I go above 640x480 then I get heavily distorted graphics (can't distinguish almost anything) though I can barely see the movement of the mouse pointer. If I opt for 320x240 then I get the Exodus main logo grey-scaled covering 3/4 of my monitor, the music keeps looping but if I click the mouse it doesn't do anything :(
    In every attempt I can see the CD spinning in my drive normally (and I can always hear game's music).

    Btw, I have in prefs/monitor various resolutions (default values of Smasung SynMaster MP900 though I have the 970 model), however if I test 320x240x8bit or 16 then I get a "non opimtum mode" message. If I enable the screenmode under prefs/screen Ambient looks completely distorted. Any ideas?
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