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    amigadave wrote:

    BSzili wrote:

    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    >> it might be best to have someone with experience writing bounty descriptions
    >> to do that part.

    > You just need a description of with the conditions fulfill it

    To me it reads like this is what's considered the hard part.

    Sarcasm doesn't work well in written text :) Anyway, I can pen the bounty description if there's interest.

    I hope you don't think I was being sarcastic in any of my replies. I rarely use sarcasm in any forums, specially those which have many international readers, since it is almost always misunderstood by one culture or another.

    I think it is always best for the developer doing the work to write the bounty description, perhaps with input from other knowledgeable programmers who know what should be included in the description to satisfy most users with the final result.

    Let me know when and where the bounty is created, so I can donate to it.

    I am also still interested in beta testing what you have already created, on my fast G5 system, to see how it compares with the 10 to 15 FPS you reported earlier in this thread. I think that it may be quite playable on the 2.7GHz G5 with R400 video card, but you would know better than myself.

    I was the one being sarcastic, when I claimed writing the bounty description was the easiest part.
    Anyway,just drop me a mail if you want to try the current build.
    I see the jimmies have been rustled.
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