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    BSzili wrote:]
    The port is finished, but it's too slow. If you want, you can pay me to backport the useful renderer changes from the perpetually unfinished Arx Libertatis 1.2. Otherwise the source code is public, you can have your way with it: https://github.com/BSzili/ArxLibertatis/tree/amiga

    What FPS performance are you getting now with the existing port, and on what MorphOS hardware (system and video card) are you using to test it? What speed difference do you expect to get if you complete the port of the Libertatis 1.2 renderer changes, and is there any other parts of the Libertatis 1.2 code that are finished, or almost finished, that you think would be useful to also port to an upgraded MorphOS port of Arx Fatalas?

    As for paying you to complete these changes, I would happily pay into a bounty fund for such work to be finished, but I have never set up a bounty before, so it might be best to have someone with experience writing bounty descriptions to do that part.

    I wish Matthew Leaman of AmigaKit would finish a MorphOS compatible client for the AmiStore, so MorphOS developers would be able to use it to promote their work, as another way of increasing compensation for their time when coding projects for MorphOS.

    In later areas (City of Arx, troll caves) I get around 10-15 PFS on a Pegasos II with a Radeon 9250. To be comfortable, I'd say 20 FPS would be the minimum.

    Setting up a bounty has never been easier. You just need a description of with the conditions fulfill it, and send it to http://power2people.org

    I would like to test your port on my dual 2.7GHz G5 PowerMac with the Radeon R400 (or is it R420?) based FireGL X3 video card, and see what kind of framerates I am able to get.

    I'll pay you and sign an NDA plus something that states I won't share the file with anyone, if that is what it would take to beta test it for you.
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