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    ernsteiswuerfel wrote:

    BSzili schrieb:
    In later areas (City of Arx, troll caves) I get around 10-15 PFS on a Pegasos II with a Radeon 9250. To be comfortable, I'd say 20 FPS would be the minimum.

    Setting up a bounty has never been easier. You just need a description of with the conditions fulfill it, and send it to http://power2people.org

    Well that's not too bad! IMHO quite a few MorphOS people have a faster CPU and a more capable GPU. Also compared to Alien Breed 3D II on classic Amiga hardware 10-15fps is still fast. ;-)

    For me 10 FPS is bordering unplayable, since the game has real-time combat. I also get the aforementioned framerate with the drawing distance set almost to the bare minimum, which makes it even worse. If I had published it, I would have definitely got tons of complaints about the framerate.
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