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    KennyR wrote:
    As far as MorphOS is concerned, there's absolutely no point to try porting recent (> 2015) versions of WZ2100. Almost nothing has been added to the game itself.

    Only that construction trucks now help each other automatically if they are in range of each other, the beta and gamma base missions were added to the timeline of the story game, there are now algorithmically generated random skirmish maps and scavenger bases can be made ultra-difficult during skirmishes also. The replayability has nearly tripled since 2015!

    We're lucky it still works on one core! I play on the OpenGL 3.3 driver on my 2014-vintage 3rd gen i7 running Linux using a business grade ATI Radeon card. If it doesn't work on MorphOS, it'll be worth an upgrade. My G4 Mac Mini might not handle it but a RasPi 4 class system should be able to.
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