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    > I don't care, Andreas.

    I know :-)

    > OpenGL 2.0 is NOT supported by the 900 series.

    I try again, even if you don't care: A decade ago, the Linux drivers for the GMA 900/950 series were brought to OpenGL 2.1 standard. This has been achieved by emulating the missing sRGB texture support using a shader. So from the perspective of software requiring OpenGL 2.0+ support, which includes Warzone 2100, a Linux system with GMA 900/950 series GPU can offer OpenGL 2.0+ support, so the software should work.
    If just taking OpenGL 2.0+ support completely in hardware into account, we arrive no later than 2007 for respective Intel desktop GPUs (G35) or 2008 for respective Intel mobile GPUs (GL/GM/GS4x), still some years earlier than "2012 or so".

    > I've used one since 2007.

    Seems you somehow missed the added OpenGL 2.1 support in Linux six years later.

    > https://www.intel.co.uk/content/www/uk/en/support/.... [...]
    > OpenGL 1.4 [...] is even less than the 1.5 supported by my 2007 Acer netbook.

    According to your link, your 945 is also just OpenGL 1.4 in hardware. OpenGL 1.5 support starts with 960/965 (GMA X3000/X3100 series).
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