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    As you have already noticed the Powerbook G4 can only display its native resolution of 1440x960.

    So games running at a much lower resolution would end up appearing as a small box on the screen.
    Now i found a way to play Freespace 2 in a higher resolution of 1024x768.

    1. Download unshield from aminet and copy it to c:


    2. Put your Freespace 2 CD1 into your cd drive.

    3. Open up a shell and cd to the desired destination drawer and type in

    unshield -j -g "High Res Files" x /Freespace2_1/DATA1.CAB

    4. Now you will have to copy the file "sparky_hi_fs2.vp" to your Freespace2/data directory.

    5. At last you will have to edit freespace2.ini file in the main directory and replace videocard=OpenGL (640x480) with videocard=OpenGL (1024x768)

    Now Freespace2 should start at a higher resolution. Have Fun!

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