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    BSzili wrote:
    Thanks for the feedback, but I definitely won't include those in the test builds. I don't need testers at the moment, since there are still very serious bugs bugs waiting to be fixed. If someone wants to try these test builds, they have to create their own drawer, read the readme on the official site, and click show all files in ambient, etc. In a nutshell: I either upload these archives with bare executables, or I upload nothing.

    I appreciate that there must have already been a lot of hard work done, and I have the English version of The Settlers II CD - Gold Edition (v1.51) but I tried to quickly work out which files needs to go where, but it just seemed like too much fiddling about at the moment, as it failed to find some files, something related to a colors file, but I've deleted it all, as it was a mess in the RTTR directory I'd made, and I got nowhere really.

    I'd really love to see Settlers II on MorphOS, so please keep at it, and make sure we all know when you've got rid of all those game bugs, and got the game installation much simpler, so even an idiot - like me - can run it, and play it without getting a headache before starting to play it.
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