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    It would be nice if you could do some proper archives with proper naming. Current "releases", beta or not are quite a mess and look unprofessional. Just add the required stuff once to the makefile and you can even reuse the stuff for other projects.

    I appreciate constructive criticism, but I don't consider test builds proper releases, just executables to play with, for those who are interested. I'm far from being done, but I thought I'd upload the executable, since the game is now playable more or less.


    Basically add a drawer inside the archive, which does not contain any version information in name. If someone extracts an archive to SYS: it must not dump more files than drawer name and icon.

    Fair enough, I'm guilty of not adding drawers to my archives.


    Name the application properly. No "xyz.ppc", just the application name.

    Statements like this makes me regret that I put STV:EF - HM out there. That was literally a one afternoon port, with the existing build system, with minimal modifications. I felt like it might be a good idea to upload it, maybe someone is interested. Are there any other stuff I released, which has the ".ppc" suffix besides Elite Force Holomatch? :S


    Add proper icons for the drawer and files (if not already done)

    I do this for releases.


    Add a proper version string.

    Same here.


    I know that all these ports need proper files from the original, so it would be nice to ask for the original disk or the location of these files.

    You mean a requester displaying an error, or an installer?


    A good example how this could be done is Return to Castle Wolfenstein. HAK has also ported many games and all of them are straight and clean.

    Good for him, but so far the only unclean thing I noticed is the lack of drawers.


    Beside the installer these are quite simple to implement by just adding some archive creation rule to the make file.

    Good idea, I'll add it to the makefile.


    Just dumping some binary looks simply ugly and unprofessional. Ports simple or not must not looks like crap.

    This is still a test build for the adventorous, and not a release.
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