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    Hi there,

    i am using MorphOS on my Powerbook 5,8 with 2GB installed RAM.

    I wanted to fire up DosBox to play a round of one of my most favourite racer games called Screamer.
    To my suprize it runs very slow on my config and can't even run it smoothly when i select the low spec version of the game.

    I disabled all the unnecessary hardware emulation in the config file of DosBox, i played around with the cpu types and cycles it won't get any better. So i'm wondering if the MorphOS hardware is just too slow to emulate a x86 pc designed to run a game which only needs a 486 and some memory or if the dosbox port is not optimized?
    can it be related to the missing opengl drivers in morphos? would that increase the performance?

    The funny thing is, that the setup programm of that game shows me as CPU an x86 running at 68MHz, which should be more than enough for this game.

    Now maybe there are some of you who may want to test that game and give me some feedback about the performance.
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