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    At the moment there is not much, the developer seems to works on and I only help with tests. I also bring him your finds, and there is a thread where we discuss things: https://github.com/dreamer/dosbox-staging/issues/144

    In brief, he thinks that it's in the src/hardware/vga_draw.cpp, around C_UNALIGNED_MEMORY lines.

    And today I also find that PCNBench tool has the ability to choose in what screen mode to run it, so:

    8 bpp: no bugs

    15 bpp: have bugs

    16 bpp: have bugs

    32 bpp: have bugs (much less distortion, just green color swapped)

    From screenshots above, probably it means that both 15 and 16bit modes suffer from PC vs no PC modes (that why it works on other platforms) , while 32-bit mode seems to suffer from some easy wrong byte orders, and strange if that will not happen on other big-endian platforms. As on amigaos4/morphos we use PC modes only for 15/16 bits (right?)

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