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    Under MorphOS SDL opens 16bit screen for Hugi so i assume that it is RGB16 vs RGB16PC issue. Also for 16bit and 32 bit Dosbox opens surface output turning off overlay mode.

    Could you give me the color discussion thread link (if it is on some forum)? I haven't done extensive tests as i merged my and Stefkos changes very late yesterday. OpenGl seems to be slower that overlay but faster than scaled surface (i have X1950XT PCIe so it is quite a fast card both for memory access and 3d).

    I have also one strange thing, under Quake1 for some run i got ~15fps with timedemo and ~24fps for another run (for auto/max). I first thought that JIT needs to warm up before being fast but it seems it not the case. I have much better results with cycles set to const values (i played a bit and for my machine it is 60000 - 65000 cycles -> CPU is 98% - 99% (so it doest consume all cpu) and i don't have any issues with sound). I'm checking now with some functions moving to other .cpp files to have it better inlining.
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