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    I managed to run Hugi with normal colors:
    - set ambient to 16bit
    - run dosbox, run hugi -> wrong colours
    - alt+enter -> go to fullscreen
    - alt+enter -> go to window mode -> good colors :)

    something is really broken here :)

    Maybe indeed our SDLs? Probably at the very beginning when the first version of SDL1 was done, we on both oses share some amiga-specific codebase for both os4 and mos forks and now have one issue for both?

    EDIT: tested on my mos3.11 on pegasos2, yeah you right, there the same.

    In 16bit mode it's even enough to run dosbox in fullscreen mode by default (so wrong colors), and then switch to window mode : colors good. But then switching back to fullscreen : colors broken again.

    But at least it for sure something about 16/24/32 bits.

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