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    zukow a écrit :
    Yes, it quick recompile (with only fixing most important parts) of latest sources + ppc jit diff for SDL1. I need to merge it with my older port with better path handling and some experimental overlay support (but it need special hacked version of powersdl.library as normal powersdl.library (and LibSDL) doesnt work with most popular overlay pixelformats on MorphOS)

    hi Zubow and all

    Why not update PowerSDL to share with everyone or at worst between developers?

    I do a lot of porting with PowerSDL and each update will be a plus for the MorphOS community.

    And I'm not even talking about SDL 2.0, I asked for the sources (and I'm not the only one) but no answer ...
    Why does nobody want to work on SDL 2.0 ???
    Do not tell me "do it", because I am not experienced enough on the system, I started to look but I am a little inexperienced in this area, video management, thread ...

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