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    Thanks again Xzit,

    This time for all of those links. I just downloaded all of them, even though I think I had some of them already downloaded on another computer.

    I am on my 17" 1.67GHz G4 PowerBook at the moment, and this is the computer that I run MorphOS on most often over the last 5 months (using 3.0 beta of course).

    I do want to begin using my G4 PowerMac more soon, because I have new components to install in my MDD PowerMac (including my re-flashed Radeon 8500 & single 1.25GHz G4 CPU module w/Copper heat sink that I want to overclock to 1.5GHz), and want to test them under MorphOS2.7 ASAP.

    I will try some of these games out later today/tonight and tomorrow.
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