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    Well, our games Worm Wars, Koules, Saga and Africa are available for MorphOS. http://amigan.1emu.net/releases/

    Yep, I should check those out for sure (I think you know why), so I will download and install them tonight.

    I am hoping for some that are a little more demanding of my fast G4 hardware and Radeon video cards. I have never gotten hooked on First Person Shooters (yet), but thought I should give some of them a try to see if I would like them, since they have dominated the gaming world, or at least been very popular, for many years. I knew that my Classic Amiga's would have struggled to provide a mediocre FPS game experience, so I never even tried to run any of them on an 060 w/PicassoIV years ago. Windows computers were for work, so I never even considered buying any Windows PC games years ago. Even after buying a top-of-the-line Windows PC 5 years ago with dual SLI video cards, I did not buy any games for it, until much later and then it was an old game that did not require all the CPU and GPU power that my PC could provide. I don't own any game consoles either, unless you want to count my CD32, but my Brother and Son do own some that I have never played.

    Maybe it would be better if I don't get hooked on any really great games??? Naaaahhh, what would be the point of that, I don't have anything better to do with my time, except learn how to program on MorphOS. :lol:
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